With over four decades in the printing industry beginning near the end of letterpress and spanning through offset and well into the digital age, I can honestly say I have enjoyed my career immensely.


From my earliest days I was always attracted to art. To expression through drawings, pictures, colors and the ability to capture and project emotion. I was fortunate to find my way to an industry that welcomed the creative while demanding the process be managed for efficiency. Much of my experience is based in the highest most progressive technology available. I have had the pleasure of representing some of the premier printing press manufactures worldwide, as a technical and strategy advisor. But my greatest enjoyment has been in creating art on paper. Pedaling a Chandler and Price with one foot, while hand feeding each sheet as the rythym of the clanking iron beast fills the room...It never seems like work.

I began collecting antique printing equipment over 20 years ago, filling two storage units and working towards the time I could place it back in service. I recently converted my timberframe horse barn into a shop and it has a great warmth I must admit.


The digital age has allowed us to harness the intricacies of computer design and combine it with the deep impression of 100 year old letterpress equipment. Today we can create all types of products that you simply cannot get at the local copy shop. From business cards to full wedding suites, envelopes to posters. If you want to create something truly different, something that clearly says: “I am not mass produced”, something that is completely unique in the way it looks and feels, then give me a call and let’s work on your project together.

And if you know of or learn of letterpress equipment headed to the scrap pile...CALL ME. I regularly rescue equipment, recondition it and repurpose it.

Kindest regards, -Clay